She could hear the highway breathing. (stopeatingcars) wrote,
She could hear the highway breathing.

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I'm back from Maine.
Tidbits:tampon fights, scrabble & uno, morning kisses, labsta, feeding flowers to duckies, nofat no sugar pudding, fighting over who sucks at paddeling the canoe, putting rocks in my mommy's purse, going on 72 hour farting rampages, 6 hour car rides & OUR ZENS DYING, chillin at the holiday inn, the must love dogs soundtrack that my mother bought and tortured us with all week, nair sugar wax removing all of four hairs from my legs, super wallmart and it's premade outfits for impromptu mini vacas, daddy & nice talks on the dock, the worst aunt sallys EVER, people with the last name "Mace--just like ya face", etc.

Basically Maine had good pie. The enthusiasum ends there.

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