She could hear the highway breathing. (stopeatingcars) wrote,
She could hear the highway breathing.

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So basically American history brings me to tears.
OKAY, it doesn't.
But i hate it all the same.

I watched speak last night and laughed
pretty much the whole way through.
way to go lifetime with uh..RUINING EVERYTHING.
& who gets raped in the passenger seat with
the fucking door open? WEIRDOS!
I apologise if the above statement applies to you

Tonight i'm seeing dad for the first time since maine.
dang, daddio is down on his game.
hopefully this means barns and noble is in the cards.

so, some one put my bras in the dryer, & they fought
and i tried and tried but i cant untagle them.
so i'm pretty bummed.

& I redid my myspace
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